Alright, the picture isn’t mine, and I couldn’t find a name to credit it to, so I am going to use it, because it’s good and good things are fun to use. As I think up new stuff for your reading pleasure, to start off, here is an old work of mine, a poem.

A man (or a woman if we’re being politically correct), goes through various phases in his life. These phases can be in any facet of his life, be it personal, religious, political or professional. However, every man(or woman) finds out that one thing remains constant in many-a-life that cycles through the world as we know it. This poem is my take on that reality.

Any opinion is welcome, be harsh if needed, but civility would be much appreciated.

The Valley of Time

I am in, as a crying cluster

New to everything, new to the world

With all the will and courage i can muster,

I brace myself for the valley of time

I crawl away with legs that wobble

i fail, weep but get up and try

My face so sweet, my heart a bubble

I set my foot in the valley of time

I meet them, those similar souls

time we share, stunts we pull

the hours we pass, bats and balls

I make some friends in the valley of time

I climb my way, up the chain

I read, write, listen and learn

Collect everything i can obtain,

I earn my way in the Valley of time

I met her, smart and lovely

Through war, strife, joy and glory

the one i could always hold dearly

I found “the one” in the valley of time

We live together weeks to years

Life was good, went on and on

Then, a light to our darkness and tears

She bore a child in the Valley of time

I watched him grow, Days in time

A mirror of me, as i was

So much has happened, lives sublime

I become a veteran in the valley of time

Generations of truth, life and next

Flew away, through and about

leaving room for the springs to come

I settle in the dust in the valley of time

-S.Narayanswamy Iyer