On a recent trip, I found myself sitting on the banks of this lake, and found myself wondering why it was so calm, so serene. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, so I decided to ponder. While I was at it, I figured, what better way than to script it on paper. So here goes.

The Tranquil Lake

Sitting by a lake, still and sober,

Why is it so calm? I wonder.

Does it have all its odds and ends figured out?

or is it just done thinking? has it attained nirvana?


No, that can’t be, why, in this edge of the world

where the horizon converges with the sky,

is there a lake which sleeps, thoughtless and tired.

Everything is so still, the rocks, even the frogs.


There is this fly that keeps talking to me,

“Bzzz” it says, well, hello Mr. Fly, bzzz to you too.

I am still here clueless as to why it is so calm.

Thinking about the thousand things going on in life.


The things that bother us on a daily basis,

make no sense to me, things seem lucid, somewhat clear.

or am I just high? No, can’t be, if this is high,

I want to build my home here. I want to live here.


Yes, I see it now, I want to live like this lake,

Still and welcoming, dead yet living.

Like I own it all, yet own nothing. Content yet seemingly wanting.

I want this, this nirvana, the home of the blessed.


Or wait, am I not already here? Maybe I am already blessed.

Feeling one with this lake, its frogs, its fish.

Living with them, a part of this unruffled system.

Maybe I am dead, or for the first time, am I alive?


–  S. Narayanswamy Iyer