Pre-requisite knowledge : tsunami waves are waves that recede(go back) and then lash out with great force thus resulting in the massive destruction.

_______The Receding Tides_________

Azure the skies, bright was the sun,

Busy the shores, unhappy none,

They veer’d the boats, lands ahoy,

O’ Receding tide, Was this your ploy?


The chatty womenfolk strewed across the place,

busy as their cubs, they chase,

All this clamour, I bear witness,

O’ receding tides, why cause such a mess..?


None there, their fates foresaw,

of the dark labyrinth baring its claw,

The clarion waters sang the doom,

O’ receding tides, thou halt flowers that bloom?


The skies grow old, wearier by the moment,

The winds astray, faster the torrent,

their heads turned, I bear witness

O’ receding tides, I pray you soon regress.


Joy, glee love asunder, the fright

gripped them hard, with all its might

crossing decibels of misery and pain,

O’ receding tides, where is your restrain?


I walk the shores, now damp and dense,

all these lives, at what expense..?

The destruction and gore, I bear witness,

O’ receding tides, even the houses..?


Then it dawned, a distinct speck

of a memory, amidst this wreck,

I had a companion in this stride,

where is she? O’ receding tide..


I stare at the dusky glades,

the cataclysm around, casting evil shades,

curse the waves, the murderous spree,

O’ receding tide, couldnt you let her be..?

– S.Narayanswamy