Goodbye, my friend


Author’s Note: This poem was written for a friend to whom I had to write something as a farewell note. Nothing too personal, but it’s pointed. Keep note of that as you read. Cheers.

Every ending has a new beginning

it’s not a new match, just the inning

our journey is at its start, not yet the end,

until next time, goodbye my friend!


Times flies, they say, it waits for none,

didn’t stop for us, but we still had fun.

We frolicked enough, we broke the trend,

for times that’ll come, goodbye my friend!


We had our arguments, sometimes we fought,

win or lose, humility i was taught,

with each day, I learned, a new blend.

We will fight more, until then, goodbye my friend!


you and I will meet again one day in a far away place,

I will for sure, recognize your face,

we will meet again, these times, they shall encore,

Goodbye my friend, I’ll show ¬†you the door.


We might drift apart, we might stray close,

we will remember, no matter what path we chose,

those times, those moments, one-too-many fight,

goodbye my friend, have a safe flight.

– S.Narayanswamy Iyer