The Scourge of Mankind


I stumble upon a barren land

As parched as my throat, dust and sand

The sun, like an oven, did it burn

The scourge of mankind, I am forlorn.


The cyan turbulance over my head,

pushed and thrown, the clouds they bled,

shadows of men, on them, they fall

The scourge of mankind, O’ hear my call.!!


The broken woods, the weary roots,

strewed across the land, I pity those shoots

their dreams of lush and growth soiled

The scourge of mankind, I see them broiled.


The ponds run shallow, rivers go dry,

the waterfolk, they scorch, they fry

the murky brooks, none they sustain,

The scourge of mankind, so much pain.!


The men they fight, judgement, it’s clouded

I wait.. as time casts shadows of dread,

The panic stricken multitude, war and mayhem,

The scourge of mankind, why? I ask them.


The tears and blood color the land,

In the same dusty ground on which i stand,

Admist the wreckage, gore and mess,

The scourge of mankind, I stand and witness.


The night it strikes, dark and eerie,

the abominable stench, is then set free,

In the same sandy acres on which i fell,

The scourge of mankind, I hear the deathknell.


I see a boy walking, His path swift,

Such innocence, yes! my heart does lift,

But, The urn of souls I see him carry,

The scourge of mankind, to one this tiny?


Ravished I am, haggard i look,

tidings of my day, my heart it shook.

I crave for solace, a calm reprieve,

The scourge of mankind, I take my leave.


I stumble upon a path, a familiar one,

This joy i get, compares to none,

I hasten my path, like a baby,

in search of candy, The scourge of mankind, just maybe…


I see that fence, that friendly roof,

I enter the place, acknowledging the friendly “woof”,

I see them, the group beaming at me,

The scourge of mankind, Just maybe…


The chatty wife, The keen little kid,

lighten my time, Im slowly rid,

Of the thoughts of death, all it meant,

in the scourge of mankind, I am content….

S Narayanswamy