The Lighthouse

Author’s note: This poem is written with Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime to the Ancient Mariner as the inspiration. It speaks about a group of sailors and their adventure from the darkness to the light. Hope you enjoy 🙂


The sea was clear, the sky it’s dark,

on this journey, the seamen embark,

it stares down at them, that abyss

as they load up the wine and bread


The welcoming moon, showers it’s light

every now and then, ever so bright

until it’s tangled in a coiled miasma

plotting in the shadows, patiently waiting….


The leeward wind blows at the sails,

as the captain calmly stares at the whales,

denizens of her house, she who,

is Davey Jones’s love, judging her might


waves ahoy!!! the ship sets course

into her bosom, who with no remorse,

sings the hymn, a sonata of the desolate,

they leave the shores, off they go…


hours go by, the days they pass,

the contraption is all but a blackened mass

matching the colors of the souls,

of the “mirth-filled” crew as they were…


No sight of land, nor a grain of sand

the men, astray, from his stand,

the captain ponders, his plans, his fate,

left at her mercy, all her plot…


Damp was the wood, even their spirit,

life and death, separated by a small rift,

the captain stares, at the zenith

beseech the gods, begging her mercy..


Then all was quiet, calm as death

the men looked around, holding their breathe

the captain, he stares, at her eyes,

sees her smile, is taken aback,


The crystal white beam, pierces their being

as the light glares through, illuminating

their souls, their spirit, the ship’s mast

as the lighthouse beacon answers his prayers


the sea it glows, like a pretty girl,

like a clam, the ship its pearl..

the captain glares, with tired eyes,

at the zenith, gratitude it shines…


The lighthouse beacon, paves the path,

kindled her spirit, calms her wrath,

filled with hope, the crew, they cry

“lands ahoy”, as they veer the ship..


The lighthouse beacon, it’s glory precedes

even its light, not swaying by deeds,

good or bad, ever it shines,

strongly illuminating all it sees…


The lighthouse, it’s marble heights, towering

over the dusky horizons, the cowering

darkness flees away from it’s exuberance,

I, in the lighthouse, sense the light…


The lighthouse tower, it is inhabited,

by kindred souls, its light, it’s nurtured

by years of passion,goodwill and life,

it’s my lighthouse, I feel the light.


-S.Narayanswamy Iyer