A Bite of an Apple

Apple & Worm Small

I plucked an apple from this tree

While out walking, the first one I could see.

It was shiny and red, like the sun

Over my head, so hot I fear I might burn.


I see the glass half full, though,

I’ve at least got this apple to show.

Yes, nice and supple, healthy and ripe.

I take a bite, send it down the pipe.


It tastes good, I can confirm,

I look down, I see a worm

Right where I took that bite

I see it come out, oh, this sight!


“Don’t eat me sir!” It said.

What? Is it talking? Or is this in my head?

I wonder as I stare amazed

I was so confused, so dazed.


“But I’m hungry… and hot” I said

“But get eaten, I’d rather not” it said.

This was going nowhere I noted

“Gee you’re daft, I know a way!” it gloated.


Curious now, I said “I’m all ears, let’s hear it”

It said “I know a well, you can drink and sit!”

We walked a while towards this well,

The sun still scorching, hot as hell!


Finally at long last, I see the well

We ran to it so fast I almost fell

Taking the rope, I quickly pull,

Waiting for it, that bucket’d be full!


It did come up, the bucket; it was empty.

I needed that water! It taunted me, this wind so sultry.

I looked down, but the well was dry,

I’d get no water, no matter how hard I try!


I woke with a start, that sleep weird,

The dream weirder, a sound I her!

The tap on the basin, dripping down

Water drops, that weren’t just my own!


I quickly shut it tight, that running tap.

Once down, as my hands I clap,

I look down, on the tile a worm I find!

I smile, water and worms, I’ll keep them in mind!


-S.  Narayanswamy