Bureaucracy is the price we pay for impartiality.

-Joseph Stalin

Author Note: Reader Discretion Advised. I might get a little graphic on this one while I rant with great vigour. Please note, these are my personal opinions about the system. I sadly did go through the system, and had to live with it. If this rant pisses anyone off, I am sure you are sc/st/obc and I am sure the government will impose some reservation to ease your pain. 

Reservation – the famous “re-elect me” propaganda of every government since 1932. From the get go, I will make it absolutely clear that I think reservations are a necessary existence. It should be present in the world today where not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford quality education and services. Reservations are good.

But the sheer percentage of reservation and the power-abuse that it brings about. That’s what I have an issue with. 

Reservations are provided not just in the number of seats allotted for a particular class of citizen, but also for the cut-off and the interview selection of said candidates. It is promised by the government for a set class/caste of people. This is all fair and lovely on paper. 


This picture pretty much says what is wrong with reservations. Reservations are nowadays availed by well-to-do families that misuse the system. Reservations should not be about the caste or class of a person. It should based on their financial status and how much they can afford. 

In India, a place where the student:seat ratio in good colleges are already less to begin with, it is obvious that people will use any weapon in their arsenal to get a seat, be it stepping over another person of a different class who might deserve it more.

There were cases in the past where people changed their god damned caste to get into the SC/ST bracket. This is not done. This is just not done. But guess what? Who cares?

The very people who introduced reservations are the government officials who wanted the votes. Recent election statistics of various states show that 67% of the votes any government got, was from people from the backward classes. That much is obvious, because the people who go asking for votes, target the people who get enthralled by promises of reservations, and most of those people, who actually stand in the line to vote, won’t even avail the said reservation. 

Then who avails the reservation? Reservations are availed mostly by people with a plan. Out of the seats availed by reservation candidates in the IITs, a little under 80% of them are people who are from well-to-do families. Some of them are even from families that can get their children into paid management seats in well-established private colleges. 

Reservation for to of SC ST pictures very funny002.jpg

How are these reservations any different from actual discrimination against general students?

Reservations are a situation apparently when there literally is fault in our god damned stars. Creamy layer misuse of reservations need to stop. We, the general/open class need reservations at this point.

The messed up part is, the seats that are allotted for general students can also be availed by other SC/ST/OBC students that opt to not use their caste certificate for availing the reservation. 

This is like, someone buys me a cake, then cuts 3/5th portion of it, and then tells me someone might come take the remaining 2/5th as well, if I was wondering. 

The reservations provided for all the classes amounts to 49.5% of the total seats/posts depending on place it is availed in. 50.5% is what the general gets, which still could get usurped by anyone from the scheduled classes.


This system is wrong. It is broken. It needs to evolve. When it came about, back in the 1930’s, the classes that were “sc,st,obc” were actually backward in the essence of the word. They were short of the money, that the general class of people had, and they needed all the help they could get. But is that the case now? Now, when most of the backward classes who avail such reservations are people more well to do than some or most of the general students. 

I will take an example of Tina Dabi. Here goes,

Tina’s grandfather was an officer with the CISR. He used reservation to get there. He earned enough money to let his children live life with dignity without any social discrimination.Money had become an important part of the term “status” in society. 

Tina’s father, Jaswant Dabi, used reservation and took admission in the prestigious Birla Higher Secondary School, Pilani. Then, he again used reservation to get into Delhi School of Engineering from where he completed B. Tech in 1986. Again, he used reservation to enter the Government sector by clearing Indian Engineering Services – IES – conducted by the UPSC and joined the Telecom Department. He didn’t stop there and used reservation to get promotion.

Currently,Mr. Jaswant Dabi is the General Manager of the Northern Telecom Project Circle of BSNL.

His fairer half, Ms. Himani Dabi – she used reservation to get admission into REC, Bhopal, now Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. She used reservation and cracked IES. 

Both her parents are well to do and are sure to have provided her the best possible education that money could buy. 

Now, in the UPSC exam, she used reservations to make the cutoffs of the prelims and proceeded to top the UPSC mains. 

I am not saying cracking it is an easy feat. But, pardon my language here, but seriously, what the fuck?!

That’s three god damn generation of reservation abuse. What the hell is up with this family and not understanding what the system is in place for. I have friends who are in the general quota, scored more than Tina and have to wait another year before they can try again. I will not use the data of any of my friends, but here’s a picture I googled and found.

I speak from personal experience, this is unreal and unfair. She did not need to use reservation. She is well aware of the problems of the society as she herself is an orator in Youth Parliament, and yet she saw it fit to misuse the system to this extent. Will we all not see her through the lens of judgement now? 

If she used it, and came into the limelight, who knows how many more people did it and got through to better opportunities than they deserve, when they did not need it. Think about it? 

This is now a time in which “general” people are being hugely discriminated against.


Just because some politicians were strategic about getting re-elected using the “reservations” punchline, a huge margin of open students shouldn’t have to suffer. This is inherently wrong and should be abolished.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say NO to reservations. But I would urge it so that reservations be based on monetary backwardness and not caste or creed.

And if you think I am an idiot for saying this so blatantly. I would like to let you know that when reservations were first introduced in 1932, Mahatma Gandhiji whom we all revere as the Father of the Nation was against it. So, yeah, there’s that.

And that’s all I would want to say, and I will conclude by quoting

It is very shameful for any citizen of this country to ask for reservation after 65 years of Independence. When our Constitution was framed, it was understood that reservation would remain for a period of 10 years, but unfortunately, it has continued even after 65 years of Independence

Justice Pardiwala

Gujarat High Court Justice in 2012


Wittingly yours

S. Narayanswamy