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Flashback Future

A blast from the past,

They say with nostalgia,

I don’t quite get it,

Is there a past,

That leaves a big enough ‘blast’?

Memories that last,

In the times moving so fast,

In the times so overcast,


Do we really have it?



Time to brood over has-beens,

The people that were mean,

To whom we were mean,

No one’s truly clean,

With dust, dirt and blood,

Yes, no body’s truly white,

Sins, lies and falsehood,

Of the past,

Memories that last,




Do we really have any?

Some are likely to have them,

To talk about over some rum,

For others though; this is bothersome,

It isn’t worth reminiscing, they say,

Oftentimes they are the ones,

With pasts to hide,

With any past at all, to hide,

Because some among us,

Don’t get to hide it,

Past shows… sometimes


Some have it hidden in their smiles,

Some in their faces,

Some hidden under their clothes,

Some hidden inside the skin,

Some well, some just can’t be hidden.

Past just shows.


But these aren’t a past that can be remembered,

Not a past that needs remembering,


A past that’s a flashback of our future,

That’s what we need to be remembering.

A faster time,

A brighter time,

Less to hide,

More to show,

Memories to be made,

Lives to be won,

Dust to be wiped,

Dirt to be cleansed,

Blood to be dried,

Sins to be undone,

Stories to be sung.