Mirrors all around me,

They surround me,

In Love, hate, pain, jealousy,

Wrapped around me,

Casting reflecting all around,

Different fragments,


Like a kaleidoscope of emotions.



You were one,

One such fragment,

A figment of my imagination,

Brought into reality,

You were the smile I once had,

You were the air I once breathed,

You were the story I once read,

You were the poems I once wrote,

You were the light that surrounded me,

Lights, yes, casting colourful shadows,

Shadows playing around me,

Dancing as though taunting me,

Twisting and turning,

Like a kaleidoscope of emotions.



Now you are there,

One among the light,

While I am here,

Drenched in the dark,

With a heart full of nightmares,

And a head full of dreams,

Colourless, drifting,

With the memories surrounding me,

Like something from a movie,

A movie I once saw,

Of a boy who had it all,

The mirrors showed his happy face,

Vibrant smile,

Youthful life,

Pure, white, picturesque,

Until one day,

The mirrors broke,

So did his world.