Author’s Note: This story was written using the above picture as part of the inspiration. It was written for the website Visual Verse and soon might appear in here. The picture does not belong to me and all rights for it belongs to Visual Verse and The Curved House. Hope you enjoy the story. Cheers!


“Alright, I – will be seeing you… at six” Clara stammered, on the phone. She hadn’t done much in the way of socializing for awhile. A friend had set her up with a blind date. It wasn’t something she tried usually.

This was a first. She wasn’t awfully good at making friends and the same limitation extended in her romantic life too. She knew it was time she finally took the leap of faith. So here she was two hours away from meeting the man who, her friend said was “pleasing and cute”.

Dressing up never took her long. She wasn’t particularly choosy and wore to cover and not to impress. She picked up the first shirt and skirt she could find and threw it on. She didn’t believe in first impressions.

When the clock rang five, she picked up her purse, put on her glasses and left her house. It was a long walk to the park where they had agreed to meet.

For all her nonchalance about the whole deal, she was getting increasingly worried as she got closer to the rendezvous point. All sorts of thoughts crossed her mind. She wasn’t as confident as she’d hoped. But she stopped, took a deep breath and proceeded. The guy had said he would find her there, near the bus stand just outside of the community park. She had taken her mobile phone with her, just in case.

After what seemed like a little under an hour, she was at her destination. The walk had been stressful but somewhat usual. A few minutes after she had reached, a guy came up to her and said “Clara?”

“Yes, I am Clara. Mason?” Clara said.

“Yes ma’am! Shall we go?” He said, extending his hands to take hers.

“I must look like a mess!” Clara said, slightly getting flustered as opposed to her initial indifference to her appearance. Mason had sounded good on the phone, but in person, he seemed much more so.

“Not at all! You look very beautiful indeed and I could fight tooth and nail with anyone that would disagree!” Mason reckoned. Clara blushed. She liked him. She put a mental note to treat her friend later.

“But is it really okay?” Clara said, slowing down.

“Your dress?” Mason said.

“No, me” Clara said, pointing at her glasses that had eclipsed her eyes since she was young.

Audibly smiling, Mason said “Why wouldn’t it be?” as he led her carefully to the cafe they were going to visit.

Getting there, he ordered coffee for both of them, as she had said she’d have what he did. Then they talked. Their coffee came, their conversation trailed on. Soon, she stopped talking and listened to Mason. His voice to her, felt like an umbrella in a pouring rain. It felt like life.

Drowning out the noise around, Clara listened to his voice, and let it bring light to her darkness. She knew -deep inside- this was going to be something special.

Author’s Post Script : Please understand, dear readers that in the story, Clara was visually challenged. I noticed that many people did not realise this and were understandably puzzled. I request you to kindly read it again armed with this fact.