Author’s Note:  This is a new novel I am working with, hope everyone who reads this comes to like it! Here’s a list of contents:


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

2000 AD – The Uru Monastery, Nepal – Tibet Border

The sage opens his eyes. He had had the most livid of dreams. He sat upright and looked at the old time piece in his hut. It was 3 am. It was summer; the crickets could be heard screeching at night. But he knew he had no time to remain idle. He had no time to waste. He had to summon the council. He wakes up his aide, an 11 year old, Suburu.

As the kid woke up, a single drop of sweat dripped down his spine as he saw his master, the leader of the Panchabuta. It was obvious to the little one that his patron had seen one of his recurring dreams and by the looks of it, this did not bode well. For good measure, dreading the answer Suburu asked “Sire?”

Not meeting his protégé’s eyes, the old man sighed deeply and said “It is time, son. Send out the summons.”



2000 AD – The Palace, Nepal

A tired king sat atop his throne and looked at the heap of letters and documents in front of him. He sighed. He had fallen ill and work had promptly piled up. He had a panel of efficient ministers, but somethings can only be taken care of by the king. I shouldn’t have gotten coaxed into taking that hunting trip. He cursed himself as he got to the next letter in the tall stack.

Suddenly the palace gates opened. Someone had arrived. He raised his eyes readjusting his eyes to face the guard who had just walked in, raising an eyebrow; he asked “What is it?”

The guard saluted his king, Prajadharma, bowed low and said “Sire, a courier has arrived from The Great Sage Uru. He wishes your audience.”

The name Uru and he sending a courier this late in the night worried the king. He promptly stood up, walked to the doors. If he had sent someone this late, this required urgent attention. He was surprised to see a small boy standing at the palace gates, detained by the guards as was the protocol for palace visitors.

Signalling the guards, the Prajadharma yelled “Let him in”

The boy promptly rushed to the king, bowed and said “Sire, I am Suburu, the aide to Great Sage Uru. He has had a vision, a revelation, a dream. He senses danger. He requests that the Panchabuta be assembled.”

The king was scared. This was disconcerting. He called a couple of his guards and said “send telegrams to the four sages, quick.”

The guards sensed the urgency in their king’s tone and rushed off in the direction of the communication tower. He called the guard who had summoned him, “Rim Lau, come here”


The guard, who had returned to his post came rushing to his liege, “Yes, milord?”

The king held Suburu by his hands and said, “Tell him whatever the sage told you, son. Every detail is important.” He then looked at Rim Lau and said “You get all the details, keep it a secret as of now, we do not want unnecessary panicking among the people without knowing all the details first, understood?”

The guard nodded, saluted and sped off with Suburu running behind him.

The king waited for them to leave, and then sighed deeply. What was it going to be now? The last message had arrived thirteen years back when his father was the king, and an earthquake had followed. But this time, the other sages were being summoned. This meant the world at large was in danger. And here he thought it would just be another night of overwork and scarce sleep. Saying a silent prayer to Buddha and letting out another sigh, he walked back to his throne room.



2000 AD – Mecca, Saudi Arabia


Abdul Zakir-ul Nabi had just finished performing his namaz. He had aged well. For a sage his age, he did the chores of the mosque he maintained with his aide just outside of the city. His aide, Aamir had gone out to the city for some errands. So he figured he’d relax until he comes back. Just as he got up, he saw Aamir rushing in out of breath and perplexed.

The sage waited and said “Aamir, calm down, son. Take a deep breath. Tell me”

The boy couldn’t wait to calm down. In between gasps of breath he said “Sage – Uru – summon”

Taking a deep breath and looking east, the sage said “So it is time.”



2000 AD – St. Lawrence,  United States of America


The fax machine in a certain church whirred into life as it printed out a piece of paper. The aide, who had heard it quickly read its contents, gasped and dropped the page.

He quickly bent down to pick it up and rushed to the padre.

Padre Francis who had been lighting the candles looked up as his aide came running and handed him the paper he was holding.

He read it, and said to his aide, “Book me a flight.”



2000 AD – Paris, France


Aaron ran up the steps of his Synagogue as he rushed to the Rabbi Abraham. He had news.

On seeing his master from a distance, he exclaimed “The sages”

Looking up, the Rabbi quickly turned and retreated to his chambers followed by his protégé. A summon had come.



2000 AD – Rajasthan, India


Aum” chanted the sage Vishweshwar as he did his daily meditations. It was early in the morning and he had a feeling he was going to get busy. He needed a few hours of calm.

Guruji” Called Shivshankar as he called for his master.

Opening his eyes slowly, and letting them readjust to the light, the sage said “Yes, child. What has you so worried?”

Almost as if confirming the sage’s premonition of busy days to come, Shiv said “Sage Uru…”

Before he could finish, his master got up and said “Let’s leave. We have a long way to go”




2000 AD – Uru Monastery, Nepal – Tibet Border


Uru sat in meditation. He had seen the world. He had seen the future. He had to figure out a way to proceed. He needed the collective wisdom of the Panchabuta. The world needed saving, from a future, for mankind… or perhaps from it.

…to be continued