Summer Beauty

Rainy were the days,
Dark were the nights,
Starless, without a moon,
Clouds everywhere,
Dark and full,
In the sky,
In my eyes,
Within my heart.

Tumultuous and astray,
Like a ship in the sea,
Without a lighthouse to guide it,
Like a flight in the sky,
Without a radar to signal it,
The mind wanders,
The heart shivers,
The feelings fester,
Whirling, deep, dark,

Suddenly the sky,
Ever so slightly,
Clears, dispersing clouds,
The light fights its way,
Through he thick veil,
The veil of the unknown,
Out in the open,
Through my eyes,
Into my depths.

One glimpse,
And it filled me up,
With hope,
With direction,
With warmth,
With life,
With everything that was lacking,
With everything I needed,
You were that light.

A firefighter,
To my burning house,
A drop of water,
To my thirsty mouth,
A shred of light,
To my blind eyes,
A pillow of comfort,
To my aching head.

The rain is now gone,
Replaced by a warm glow,
The glow of life,
The beginning of something,
Something pure and new,
With your warmth,
The warmth of my summer beauty.

S. Narayanswamy Iyer