Chapter 3 – The Parent

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2300 AD – Region D

“We provided our scientists; the ingenuity is ours. Please, lord, I am sure there can be an exception made in this, at least? Why my son?” said Virendra.

He was kneeling with pleading hands beholding the Sabhapathi of his region, Narasimha. The Panchabhuta sage, Amarnath, had just finished explaining the plans and the necessary actions needed to his king. Virendra, the father of his aide had been called to inform that his son’s help would be needed.

The doting father was now in tears. He hadn’t taken the news well. He had twins. Rajendra and Narendra. They were inseparable. The thought that one of them would have to leave possibly never to come back was unsettling. It would destroy his family. His heart did not allow him to think about the greater good. Family came first.

The sage looked at his fellow villager with eyes filled with pain, sympathy and understanding. He stayed silent, however, and let the region head ponder this through. He was sure the right answer would present itself.

Narasimha said slowly, forcing himself to measure his words, “Virendra, I understand your predicament. I understand your pain. I sympathize. But I apologize too. I need you to understand, we need your son’s help for the world as a whole. The sage said so, did he not? And seldom is he wrong. This is the way we will redeem our Mother Earth. We need to do something. You know water is becoming harder to get by. But I assure you this, your son will return alive and well in just a little time. Think of it as him going away to a relative’s place, time will fly and he’ll be back in no time.”

The sage looked up at the monarch placating by saying something that could easily be a lie, and then at the grieving father who seemed to be accepting his fate. More than two thousand years of Earth getting unearthed, yet politics isn’t any less ruthless. He sighed.



2300 AD – Launch Zone, Neutral Region

Robert had had up to his neck with procrastinating and ill-managed workers. He had just finished yelling at Elsa who hadn’t received the silicon panels in the right docking area. These silicon panels were supposed to go on the 23rd dock, the right extreme of the rocket which would be facing the sun. This was supposed to power the rocket when it changes course and would be unable to access the fuel lines during the structural remodeling it would go through during the curve.

This would mean the panels would now have to be moved to the right dock; that would need time, effort and manpower. All of which they did not have.

Robert sighed heavily as he gulped down his coffee; the third one of the day. And it was just 8 am. For a bit, while sitting on his armchair in his office, he let his thoughts astray, at the divine looking woman he had walked into the other night. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t enthralled by her. He had met her every evening post his end-of-day meeting. She had been telling about her house back in Region A. How she had lost her parents in an accident. How the church had taken her in and how she yearned to do whatever it took. He had been impressed by her courage. He wasn’t romantically inclined, no. This wasn’t love. It was respect, and admiration. “She would be a welcome sight right now among all this incompetence” He said to himself.

Almost as if by cue, Jennifer walked into his office, smiled and said “Hello, Robert. I was trying to find you. I wanted to know if there was a chapel here; anything temporary?”

Robert did not lose his bearings. He had indeed built a chapel here. He wasn’t religious but he was a good boss, he knew his staff would need a place of prayer. Different religions worked under the roof of this launch center, and most of them were ardent in their religious believes. Science hasn’t taken over everyone, thankfully or otherwise, but he had taken measures to provide for this eventuality.

Getting up, he said “I’ll walk you there, come” and both of them left his office. Getting outside and walking briskly towards the activity center where the chapel was built, he asked “How were you praying until now? I was frankly surprised you being who you are, hadn’t asked for a chapel yet.”

Jenny let out a laugh. “You see, Robert, for a priest and their aide, a chapel becomes less of a place of religion and more of a place of work. We tend to find more religion inside our hearts than inside concrete walls. I asked about it now, because I felt the need to help out, and the chapel is the best place I know how to.”

Robert was yet again impressed. Quietly smiling to himself, he picked up the pace towards the rec center.




2000 AD – The Panchabhuta meeting place, Tibet

The five sages of the era and their aides, the future sages sat in a dimly lit room. The Uru had just discussed his revelation to them. They were in deep contemplation as to what could be done about it.

Their dreams and revelations weren’t so clear as to the course of actions that needed taken post-haste. They were just a picture of the events that would unfold if they weren’t prepared suitably enough. What they did with the information and how they used it to benefit the human race was completely up to them.

“We need to quickly inform the world. Not having water is an event that we can’t be unprepared for. It is one of the primal entities keeping us alive.” Vishweshwar piped in.

“And that notwithstanding, we need to also prepare for the logistics required to build reservoirs around places where water would remain, as per the Uru’s decree” Abraham said.

“These are the effects of our soon-to-come predicament, dear sages. They aren’t the cause. What do we do about that? We need to identify it, then either curb it, or mitigate it, and effectively so.” Abdul added.

The five sages again fell quiet, deep in contemplation as their aides watched their masters.

The eerie quiet lasted long. They had a lot of questions and no answers yet.

Suburu looked at his master. The Uru had confided in him a plan for the future that the others in this room might not like, or approve of. He wondered if his master would reveal that here. He hadn’t yet. He didn’t seem like he was going to, either.

Minutes turned into hours as the sages burned the midnight oil, grasping at straws, the straws of humanity.



2300 AD – Brugu Residence, Region C

Brugu quickly and joyfully walked into his house to find his father and his master in prayer. It was morning and this was a ritual that the people of his village followed. Immediately after getting up and freshening up, came the prayer time followed by everything else.

Both men looked up from their trance at Brugu who seemed awfully jovial for the predicament they had seemingly put him in, just the night before.

“What happened, Brugu? Where were you?” Kalki asked, curious.

“Gaia has spoken, father. I am ready to go on this journey. Earth mother has spoken” Brugu said, cheerfully.

Kalki looked at him surprised wondering whether his son had lost his marbles. Shamburu smiled with understanding, and said “Did she now? What did she say?”

Brugu said “All the right things, master.” as he tapped his pockets where his now treasured possession rested.

Humming to himself, he went into his room. A lot of preparation remained. He had a journey to take; his tryst with destiny.