Sunset Paradise

A walk down the hill,
In search of a spring,
A rivulet amidst all the smog,
Thick and pulsating,
Ever growing,
Ever blinding,
Ever numbing,
Tears flowing down my eyes,
Tears of pain,
Tears borne from age,
Tears of life.

The walk keeps getting,
Longer by the day ,
I’m still searching ,
Long and hard,
Eyes tired and worn,
All hope lost,
All pain accepted,
Life understood,
Life learnt.

Suddenly shooting through it,
The silence,
The eerieĀ  dense silence,
Scary silence,
Was that sound,
A welcoming one,
A happy one,
The flow of water,
The water of wait,
Of longing,
Of passion,
Of yearning,
Of love,
Of life..

Renewed with vigour,
Renewed with hope,
A hope lost long ago,

A hope I once had,
I race towards it,
I almost stumble as I run,
Towards it,
Edging closer,
Heart beating faster,
Ba-dump. Ba-dump. Ba-dump.
Life breathed into me,
Like an anthem Of A dying soul,
A sound did that?

From afar I saw it,
Stuck IN between A valley,
Where death died,
And life was born,
Almost as if heaven sent,

It flowed with joy,
With love,
Love I never knew was possible,
Hope I never knew existed,
It flowed as if beckoning to My very being..

I ran to it,
The thing worth The wait
The thing worth fighting for,
The thing worth living for,
The thing from my dreams,
I jumped into it,
Feeling it touch my skin,
Seeping my pain away,
Washing the tears of longing,
Tears of loss
Tears of ache,
It embraced me.

It had life,
It gave life,
As if singing the song of the lost sirens ,
It talked to me,
Was I hallucinating?
I didn’t know,
I didn’t care,
It asked me
“Till when will you stay,
O weary traveller?”

I wasn’t surprised,
I wasn’t concerned,
I did not think twice,
I did not hesitate,
“Forever”, I said
Forever in this valley of life,
Forever in this sunset paradise…