Author’s Note: It has been a long time since i wrote a R2D2 article, and as I said last time a high-five to Star Wars fans and a moment of silence for Kenny Baker. R2D2 stands for Reclusive Reflections| Deep Deliberations. Name is self explanatory, pretty much. Enjoy and hopefully, understand!


People, what makes us tick? We have dredging on in the godforsaken shit-pile of a universe for ages now. We have been working on our day to day activities, getting married, having kids, watching them transforming from a puking mess to badmouthed pieces of shit, then watch the same kids leave us, then return to the ground. And we do all this with the nonchalance of a cobbler from Great Britain in the renaissance period. Why? People, really, what does make us tick?

We roam around, make groups of people who are just as messed up as we are in the same things, think we are flourishing in the said group, then have a grand old fight and then break apart. We do that multiple times and don’t learn from it after any number of the occurrence. People, really, why?

But that isn’t what’s most annoying about people. People aren’t just retarded. Being retarded is fine and blissful. Being ignorant is even more fine, because then you are stupid, and stupid people are chill, they don’t voice their opinions. What’s not fine is being this kind of people, who seem to be armed and geared to judge. Yes, why, really? Who knows; it just makes them tick.

 So who do we judge? That is the real question. Not why we do it. We judge the people who do things that we can’t ever fathom to do. We judge the people who stand miles apart from what we do and are comfortable with whatever they are doing. We judge people who aren’t a people pleasing ass-hat that we are. We judge the outliers.

But there is a catch. None of us is exempt of this rule. We are all outliers in our own right. Some more-so than others, but we are all outliers.  I bet me saying this makes all of you readers think, really? Nah, I am normal. You are wrong. Fuck off.

Normalcy, what is it really? If the early man had wanted to remain normal, he wouldn’t have found wheel. If Archimedes had cared about looking, sounding or seeming normal, he’d have not shouted eureka and proceeded to run nude in the streets. Normalcy is a frame of reference;   a frame where we are all comfortable placing ourselves and surrounding ourselves with cotton-balls of false comfort. No. That isn’t really normalcy. That isn’t ignorance. That isn’t comfort. That isn’t life.

Life is about going out trying new things, finding new people, doing new things, living it up. I bet half of you are going “where’s the money for this, don’t we have to work man?”

Do not let your day to day activities addle you, and certainly do not let them inhibit you. Your days are numbered. You are not infinite and immortal. One day you will die. Will you regret what you have become? Or is having a kid and a bunch of green notes enough to numb the pain?

I do not want normal. I see myself to be right in the middle of the said outliers. I like it there. I work in a company that piles work, yet there is time to be found in the clock for people that are looking. Venturing out is something that has become a passion of mine. And in the past few months and the better part of this year I have succeeded in doing so. To what end? I will never know.  How long I can keep that up, I wouldn’t know that too, neither do I have an inclination to find that out. Doing what needs to be done, while mixing it up with things that do not, that is the way things should be.

Ridiculing outliers just because they are different or queer, is something I have seen happen, even to me. But the things people who glorify themselves for being normal don’t understand is, the joke really might be on them. Because while they group up, point and laugh at, an outlier would shrug it off and albeit hurt, indulge himself with other stuff that is much more important. S/he would progress. S/he would persevere. And if s/he were a vengeful soul, like I am, s/he would strike back with great passion. And remember, according to the ‘normal’ people, outliers are abnormal, ergo, possibly crazy. Quite easily scary, no? But then it is safe to say – in a big picture – not to piss anyone off for any reason whatsoever.

Outliers have insecurities too, many of them actually, social acceptance being the most prominent. After all, in spite of every quirk that any person might possess, s/he would still be a social animal. I personally realise how challenging it gets at some if not most points. It gets hard to adjust, it gets harder to mingle, and harder still to involve. If any one of you facing such an issue is reading this, fret not, it does get easy, as soon as you stop giving fucks, you will find people who share and project a bit of your viewpoint if not most, and once you do find them, cling to them like a koala does a bamboo, cos you’re going to need them.


Anyway, outliers, not outliers, live and let live guys. Deal with your own shit, and stop judging people frivolously. Stop being pricks to others based on social grounds borne out of egotistical superiority complex. Stop making outliers feel left out. Think about it, none of us wants another Hitler.