Author’s Note: Here’s another iteration of R2D2.  R2D2 stands for Reclusive Reflections| Deep Deliberations. Name is self explanatory, pretty much. I urge you to understand, this is NOT a rant and NOT aggressive. It is an opinion, a humble one at that. This series will have things I want to say, in a serious note, unlike my WGMG series. Enjoy and hopefully, understand!


‘Charity begins at home’ – goes the saying. What exactly does it mean? We live in a world which evolved on a graph with money on the Y axis, and the scenario is getting dirtier by the minute. People donate hefty sums to organisations without any faces. Why? No denying that sum of money does some degree of good, but does it do all the good that the said money could do? No. It doesn’t. But that isn’t the point. The point is, people have finally managed to digitise and middle-manage the morbid fuck out of the basic human sentiment – helping others.

Charity has evolved, or rather I’d say devolved from the core sentiment of wanting to help others to paying money, in huge sums, to organisations and then gloating about it in public to a bunch of wusses who then go and donate their own fair share and keep the circle of karma going.

This is wrong. This is horribly wrong. Let me tell you a little bit of inside information. Donating to any organisation which has a country-wide account is pointless. Why? Because the money goes through various channels and the amount that trickles down to the people who actually need is barely 30% of what was actually donated. But then that still isn’t the point.

Money isn’t everything. Give a man a bunch of notes then go to him the next day and ask whether he needs money, I can assure you his answer will never be no. Necessity only keeps increasing. Charity isn’t about the amount of money you donate, but about the effort that went into it.

I have been lucky to be part of a couple of NGO efforts towards this end. And let me tell you, dear readers, the experience is quintessentially human. It is what feels right. It is something that donating a million dollars wouldn’t give you.

What is the point of all that text up there, then? What is charity really? It is getting down on the streets and getting your hands dirty, doing actual good to actual people who need them.

I reiterate, ‘charity begins at home’. The essence of this saying is that help those who are close to you, and in need. Do not always expect a middleman to direct your shit. There is no need for a chartered accountant to do some good. There is no need for a temple. There is no need for a church. There is no need for a mosque. You just need two legs, two hands and a heart that gives a few fucks. That is charity. That is the basics. Certainly, the money you have is instrumental towards achieving this end, but is it the only instrument? No.

In fact I’d assert that money isn’t an instrument anymore now. It has become an excuse. It has become a farce, a façade, a mockery of something divine, and a blemish in something noble. Is this charity? No, it’s mediocrity.

Go on drives; reach out to people who actually need the money, the help and the concern. Physically move around; touch is a strong sense. It brings realism and puts things in great perspective.  For people of this century who are scientifically proven to have low self-esteem – i.e. everyone thinks they are a piece of shit and everyone around them is asinine and retarded – this is something that might make the said people feel good.

The basic sentiment, people, the core human feeling, helping others – charity. Try it, I am sure you’ll get hooked. Because and I cannot emphasise this enough – Charity begins at home.


P.S. Although I maintain that most NGOs are a pile of horse shit wrapped in a bunch of important sounding legal red tapes, there are a few that are good and proven to be of help. For people who are still not convinced after this article, and think that paying money is the way to go, I urge you to pay money to these NGOs that I personally suggest so that others who actually want to physically be there are able to get the resources to physically be there and be of help. [Donations reach human beings] [Donations reach dogs, cats and other cute little animals]

Also, I am in no way getting any benefit out of endorsing the above NGOs. I have donated to/worked with them and the latter has a friend who I trust my life with working in it.