Author’s Note : Dear Readers, thank you for reading my blog that I built over the better part of this year, I love you guys. I hope to keep writing for times to come and promise to keep you entertained, as I promised when I started all of this. A very happy new year to all of you.

Hugs and Kisses,

The Author.


Hello Anne,

I loved you,

Back when I moved

Across your house,

With my family,

In the 80’s

When things mattered,

People mattered,

Relations did,

I loved you



It was love,

At first sight,

We were eight,

We played,

On my father’s farm,

I loved you.




Remember that time?

When you broke,

The pot of white lilies,

Those beautiful flowers,

My mother had.

You broke it,

And I took the blame,

She yelled at me,

All evening,

And you sneaked in,

To wipe my tears


Hello, my love.

We were in school,

I asked you out,

To the prom,

Remember that time?

That dance?

Everybody thought,

You were pretty,

I thought so too,

You know?




You moved to the city,

To study,

To grow,

Remember the smile,

That played on my lips?

It was bittersweet,

I was sad,

Yet happy for you,




You came home,

That day in July,

Oh my Anne,


You tickled me,

While I was

Working the shovel,




Remember the news,

That reached me?

You were married,

It reached me,

Around Christmas,

I was melancholy,

It hit me like a rock,

I smiled,

In spite of it,

I was happy,

For you,

Not with you,

For you, though.

Oh my Anne.



You moved back,

To the house,

Opposite mine,


I fell for you.


You weren’t mine,

I realized,

As your kids

Played on my lawn,

Yet my heart,

Skipped a beat,

Every time you smiled,



Hello Anne,

We were in our 40’s.

When the recession hit,

Like you were hit,

By that truck,

That drunk driver,

God damn him,


Oh my Anne.


I remember,

You know?

All those times,

My Anne,

My love,

As my hand,

So full of calluses,

Lay down,

These flowers

On your grave,

The same lilies,

White ones,

That you so loved.


I remember

Our times,

I am lonely now,

My Anne,

But I sit,

By your Stone,


You know?

I close my eyes,

And talk to you,

Like we once did,

By the riverside,

In the sunset,

Even as the sun,

Ever so slowly,

Sets on my life,

I remember




Oh my dear Anne.


S. Narayanswamy