Four Paws and One Heart

Author’s Note – This poem was born from something I saw in my apartment the other day. A bunch of kids were cornering a little puppy and poking it, pulling his tail, and an array of other colorful activities. After lashing out a healthy supply of loud noises at them and relieving the puppy of much distress, I rushed back up and wrote this. Please enjoy, and if possible, understand.

I am your best friend,

I had a choice,

I took the right one,

I have four paws,

And one heart,

It is a warm heart,

Full of compassion,

Full of love,

For you, dear human!


When you wanted a friend,

I was there!

When you wanted a shoulder,

Albeit a small one,

To confide on,

I was there!

When you needed a playmate,

In your lonely evenings,

I was there!

Someone to receive you,

When you return home,

Tired and worn,

I was and am there!

I live with you,

My entire life,

I die alone,

In a farm somewhere,

So that you can lie,

To your kids,

I die alone,

But content,

That is my life.

I have four paws,

And one heart.


But you have forsaken me,

Dear human!

You throw rocks at me,

You shun me,

Run cars over me,

Throw water at me,

And for god sakes!

Hunt, cut and eat me,

For sport,



Why as a kid,

You chased me,

Prodded me with a stick,

Hurled me around,

I was just a puppy,


Wasn’t I?

I howled,

And yelped in pain,

Against your merciless laughter,

I am just an animal,

Alone in a jungle of humans,

I am lost, friend.

Are you mine,

Friend, I mean?

Friends don’t lash out wanton hurt,

On each other, right?

Or was that rule exclusive,

To humans?


I am lost,

I am hurt,

I am alone,



I have four paws

And a heart,

I am an animal,

You’re human,

Where’s yours?