A Brick Wall

Break it. Delve deep. Find another wall. Well, shit.

Me, elucidated.


I try to be as stupidly optimistic as possible, talkative in real life, with a decent grasp of a few topics. Follow my blog and check out the stuff that I have to show, I will be updating as much as possible.

Most of the posts would be poems or rant posts which I would be publishing for all to see atleast six times a month, more, if I can.

I partake in a variety of music, different genre.

Lyrics are the soul of a song while the music is the body.

I am a strong believer of that. I would be sharing/posting things about music and my take in many of them, do read the posts if you want to get a head-start towards exploring different kinds of music.

I travel/go on rides on a monthly basis as well, as and when possible. Some ride logs might follow as well.

I play computer games, some reviews, small game related chit-chat etc will be one of the topics I touch as well 🙂

Expect this blog to be a pot-pourri of various flavours amalgamated into one forum, for your reading pleasure! 

Cheers guys and I wish you all the very best.

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