Author’s Note : Hey there ladies and gentlemen, it has been a while since I wrote something, work and health caught up to me in ways I wouldn’t wish it to. Here’s a Women’s Day poem. Foster the equality, develop the happiness, spread the humanity!



Why is it,

Dear brother,

Am I killed before my birth?


Were you worth more?

Were you made of gold?

Or was it something else?

Something more my fault,

Guess it must be.



Dear father,

Was I taught less,

Worked more,

Spoken to less,

Made to listen more,

Always quiet,

Like a moon in a starless night,

Alone in a crowd of people,

Always quiet,

Always a giver.



Dear husband,

Was I married to you so young,

You’re double my age,

And half my looks,

Oh I’m not haughty,

Not at all,

They say down to earth is good,

I was taught that,

But from where I am,

The sky looks far away,

So far away,

A distant speck,

Of a forgotten dream,

Why am I here?





I am made of flesh and blood too,


I got skills too,

Ambitions too,

Aspirations too,


I can sing,

I can dance,

I can fly, as high as anyone,

I am worth more,

Capable of more,

An untapped mine,

In a sea of rubble,

Realize, please husband,

For our daughter is looking at the skies,

Please, oh please, don’t cut her wings off.