Ever since I was a toddler,

I’ve been running, why I wonder?

No matter what tales were to be spun,

Always I was ushered to run!


Before I was able to walk,

before I was even able to talk,

I was running, a gear of the clock,

I was running, fast as a tumbling rock.


“Time and tide wait for none”

my grandpa would say, as he told me to run,

with a smile, my mother would stand,

she’d say “run son, run to my hand”


Why was it so important to run?

Now I am older, it’s my father’s turn,

as he runs beside me panting,

as I rode the cycle, I was learning


To run more efficiently, I had wheels,

But still I was running in between those meals,

I had at school, where I learned,

in the future I’d run no matter how I turned.


Before I knew what was going on,

I find myself in college, tired and worn,

the distance grew, I was old,

But still I ran, as I was told.


College getting over just prolonged the marathon,

the job had me running on and on.

In a routine was I stuck, like a hamster in its wheel,

I’d still have to run no matter how I’d squeal.


Onwards and upwards, well into my twenties,

a woman I’d marry, I’ll have those house keys,

the mortgage motivates me, drives me to run,

in my thirties, I’d wonder when I’ll be done.


I’m older now, I’d teach my son,

“No matter what, you’d have to run”

I’d make him a part of that circle so vicious,

notwithstanding the truth, life is indeed, too precious.


I’m seeing it now, though my eyesight ,

is not what it once was, I see the light,

of wisdom, the lessons I’d learned,

Those doors I’d shut, the minutes I’d burned.


Well into my sixties, I’d wonder,

was it all too fast, all a blunder?

to not take it slow, I’m still running.

The wheel of time, still was it turning.


as night approaches, the full moon rises,

life ceases to hold any more surprises,

I’d still be running, slower now,

to get back those times, how much I’d love.


I can barely walk now, still I run.

Like the winter leaf, the candles struggles to burn.

As I close my eyes, I’d wish I had the power,

to turn back time, I’d promise┬áto run slower…