“That can’t be right” he reckons,
The brown beauty, closer it beckons,
He tried to hide, in vain.
In shelter, there was no gain.

So enticing, so welcoming,
A world in it; hiding,
In the brown depths he sees,
A whole world, vast seas.

Lands lush and green,
In the brown gold, I mean,
He gives in, unable to hold,
He looks into it as he’s told.

He loses himself, in the space,
Hidden in her visage, in her face,
He dives into it deep,
No hesitations, there were to keep.

He drops into a sea,
There was land, oh he could see,
He swims to the shore,
So welcoming, he wanted more.

On the shore tired he lay,
Oh this was worth it, he’d say,
He got up to look around,
To see if someone was to be found.

He finds someone, oh it’s a girl,
Bright as the sun, shiny as a pearl,
He’d found it, the heart inside the brown,
The deep ravine, never kept down.

He walked to it, the welcoming mist,
The feelings he had couldn’t fit a list,
So he settles down, and writes a song,
He found his home, oh it’s been so long.