Inside my head

Underneath all the inhibitions,

Beyond all the walls,

There’s a land,

Luscious and green,

A land almost holy.


It lived and thrived,

With every coming day,

It prospered,

It was sunny,

It was warm,

it was complete,

It was home.


Until one day,

The winds blew strong,

The thunder struck down,

The rain fell hard,

Yet inspite of that,

It felt somehow vacant,

It felt barren.


The rain lasted,

Never to cease,

The sun was now,

A part of the past,

Now it hides,

Under layers of clouds,

Devoid of passion,

Devoid of urges,

Devoid of faith,

Devoid of life,

Almost a shell,

Of its former self,

So vacant,

So barren.



Life around it,

Seamlessly goes on,

As if nothing changed,

As if nothing mattered,

As if in denial,

Of the past that once ran,

Ran amok spreading fires,

Spreading the words,

Words of life,

Words of a future,

Words of happiness,

Words that were lies,

Words devoid of any meaning,

Words that were vacant,

Words that were barren.


The rain would finally,

Finally cease to pour,

The sun ever so cautiously,

Peaks out, to try and reason,

With a fragmented reality,

With a broken house,

It peeks out, but all it sees,

All it sees is a lifeless land,

A land so vacant,

A land so god damn barren.

S. Narayanswamy