I am rolling,

It is elating,

I am rolling

With the wind,

With the water,

With the stars,

With the rain,

With the clouds,

With the earth,

I am rolling,

It is indeed elating.


I am rolling,

With my people,

With strangers,

Complete strangers,

It feels good,

To just keep rolling


I am rolling,


With zest,

With life,


Isn’t it free?


What a time

To be alive,

To roll,


With no particular destination

In mind,

Mind it wanders,

A state of perpetual motion,

With no worry,

With no aim,

Or disturbances,

Just rolling


Keeping it up,

Oh it’d be hard,

So hard,

To keep up,

But I’ll roll,


Free as a bird,

Humble as a bard,

Happy as a clown,

In an unending circus,


Like a non-stop merry go round,

I am rolling,

Oh, it is elating!